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About Us

Leona Pet Insurance, Egypt

Leona is a company which helps pet owners in Egypt provide their furry companions with the best possible care. We offer an insurance plan that covers emergencies, illnesses, and wellness care, so you can be sure that your pet is protected no matter what happens. We understand that pet care can be expensive, so we offer affordable premiums that fit your budget. We also have a wide network of veterinarians, pet shops, kennels and groomers across Egypt, so you can be sure that your pet will receive quality care no matter where you live. Our mission is to help pet owners in Egypt give their pets the best possible lives. We believe that every pet deserves to be healthy and happy, and we are committed to making that happen. Here are some of the benefits of pet insurance: Financial peace of mind: Leona can help you avoid high bills and unexpected financial hardship. Access to quality care: With Leona, you can take your pet to any vet, kennel, groomer or pet shop in our network, regardless of their location or your budget. Exclusive Deals: We’ve got your pet covered from head to tail; having Leona allows you to enjoy all our premium offers and discounts in all pet related outlets and clinics. If you are a pet owner in Egypt, we encourage you to learn more about our pet insurance plans. We are here to help you give your furry companion the best possible care.


Leona Pet Insurance, Egypt

The name Leona was chosen by the founders of because it is a combination of the names of their two beloved dogs, Leo and Corona. Leo is a lion-headed giant, while Corona is a miniature sweetheart . Both dogs are strong, independent, and loyal, and the founders wanted to find a name that reflected the qualities they admire in their pets. Leona also has a beautiful meaning. It is a feminine form of the Latin word leo, which means "lion." In many cultures, the lion is a symbol of strength, courage, and power. The founders of Leona wanted their company to be associated with these qualities, and they believe that the name Leona perfectly embodies them. Leona is also unique and memorable. It is not a common name for a company, and it is sure to stand out in the minds of pet owners. The founders of Leona are confident that the name will help them to build a successful company that provides excellent service to pet owners in Egypt. Here are some additional details about the two dogs that inspired the name Leona: Leo is a 5-year-old lion-headed golden giant. He is a gentle giant who loves to play fetch and go for walks. He is also very protective of his family. Corona is a 5-year-old golden dwarf. She is a smart and loving dog who loves to cuddle and play. She is also very loyal and loves to explore.

Leona Pet Insurance, Egypt


Rasha and her only daughter Dina founded Leona Pet Insurance as a safe haven and solution for pet health. Ever since Dina was a young girl, Rasha has always given her a furry friend to accompany her as she is a lonely child. Dina’s first pet was a baby Lamb, whom she called Rashida. As Dina says “Rashida was the only thing I looked forward to seeing after kindergarten.” After Rashida passed, Dina adopted a bunny and rescued a couple of street kittens. But Rasha’s and Dina’s love for pets was uncovered after welcoming their first dog, Leo. Dina surprised her mom who was on a work trip with Leo’s presence - Rasha was heart broken from losing so many pets to old age in the past and was against getting heart broken again, but Leo opened the doors to her heart and rushed straight right into it. Rasha didn’t want Leo to feel the loneliness Dina felt as an only child, so together she and Dina adopted Corona. It was just a matter of time after that, Rasha and Dina rescued, fostered and helped many dogs and cats get adopted. Their last addition to the family was a rescue dog, which they both named Zozo securing forever their late memory of Rasha’s beloved mother and Dina’s caring grandmother who raised her. Any pet was regarded lucky if he/she passed Dina’s or Rasha’s paths in life.

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